The traditional paradigms of Learning Environments are constantly changing, be it through individual learning, group learning, or integrated technology. JCA’s involvement in the design of Education Buildings and Spaces over 25 years of practice has enabled the office to remain at the forefront of this change to both challenge and influence the outcomes of learning environments. The practice continues to work for a number of University Clients including:  University of New England,  Griffith University,  University of Queensland,  University of Southern Queensland & Central Queensland University - in addition to their continued involvement with the Department of Education & Training.

The nature of Universities has exposed JCA to a diverse range of project types, both new build and refurbishments, enabling the practice to develop a clear understanding of the unique aspects associated with the creation of Learning Environments. Accommodating the myriad of Learning Spaces capable of meeting the flexibility required by teaching methodologies and more significantly the impact of changing technology requires a collaborative consultation process with Stakeholders. This process enables JCA to tailor design outcomes that reflect the specific requirements surrounding the unique nature of each and every project.

The recently completed upgrade of QUT’s Kelvin Grove Library has enabled JCA, in partnership with QUT, to deliver a contemporary library outcome that has transformed the traditional model of a library. Services become integrated into the visible fabric of the library creating a level of transparency between staff and students. This visible integration has allowed students to complete administration tasks themselves thus providing Library staff with more time to personally assist students. The Library now provides a place for ‘noisy’ environments, allowing for both group and individual study. Technology has been embraced with Librarians recognising the importance of ‘connectivity’ on all levels. This essential component allows students to maximise their learning experience whilst at University.  This insight into a single example highlights how the role of Universities has evolved to extend beyond Campus based staff and students to include school communities, the public and external students all having a direct or indirect connection with the Campus. 

On the principal that learning begins with a conversation, JCA seeks to create architecture for Universities founded on the basis of collaboration and consultation - Time to let the discussion begin.