A core element of the projects undertaken by JCA are those completed internationally, in particular projects in developing nations where issues surrounding access, material availability and construction skills become critical factors that influence the design process. The practice has had the privilege to be involved in a number of Aid based projects that seek to improve the infrastructure, facilities and opportunities for those living in extreme social conditions. These projects require an ability to recognise the unique aspects of each country, collaborating with local stakeholders to ensure projects consider social, community and religious aspects in addition to the more pragmatic building philosophies surrounding orientation, climate and environment.

The development of these projects supports JCA’s strong environmental approach. Sustainability has been integral to the design philosophy of much of JCA’s architecture giving our work rigor and suitability for purpose. The ability to design purpose built projects that meet the bespoke conditions associated with each site whilst maintaining value for money have enabled JCA to identify core architectural principals focusing on issues surrounding function, life cycle costing and sense of place.

 Recent projects undertaken in the Pacific region and Developing Countries have reinforced this need for architecture to be adaptable to its conditions. Projects completed have relied heavily on local materials, construction techniques and capabilities allowing buildings to be costed for their location and providing opportunities for up-skilling of local contractors. This has been a strong objective of JCA’s international portfolio with the practice actively seeking to be a part of further training of local consultants and contractors through a collaborative process of working in partnership.

 The practice understands the need for design to embrace wider social and environmental responsibilities; this is never more apparent than when working in developing nations. JCA’s history through Africa, the Middle East and Pacific is a reflection of a larger philosophical agenda adopted by staff of being a part of positive change.