Southport Library

Location: Southport, Australia
Client: Gold Coast City Council
Status: Completed 2003
 JCA in partnership with Stephenson and Turner were successful in being awarded the design of the proposed Southport Library to completed for the Gold Coast City Council (GCCC). The Library is a significant building within the Councils portfolio, servicing one of the fastest growing regions in SE Qld and providing a major new community infrastructure project that is viewed by Council has acting as a catalyst for future development in the surrounding area. The building is located on the Athol Paterson Carpark to the west of the Australia Fair retail development and will provide residents with the latest in information technology and customer service. The Library houses a collection in excess of 71,000 items and is regularly accessed both the local and wider community. The Southport Library is collocated with the Local Studies Library which contains a collection of publications, photographs and archival material capturing the history of the Gold Coast. Apart from its more traditional role as a repository and disseminator of information, the building has also been designed to accommodate and encourage after hours community uses including, displays, performances, meetings and lectures. As part of the integrated services offered and reflecting the changing way in which libraries operate a small cafe is located at the main entrance encouraging greater visitor usage and demonstrating the need for Libraries to consider retail strategies as part of their broader appeal. The location of the Southport Library acts as a focal point for the interface and transition between the surrounding commercial, residential, community, retail and medical precincts. Key to the buildings success has been the ability of the design to capture the coastal aesthetic of the Gold Coast. As part of the design brief this was identified as a key client goal. Through the use of large overhangs, sunshading devices and maximising indirect natural light, the Library has a welcoming ambience that never losses sight of its contextual surroundings. Bold colours reinforce this ‘relaxed lifestyle’ aesthetic, whilst through the use of creative design approaches the building manages to offer external spaces without compromising security.


WINNER 2003 Gold Coast Urban Design Awards – SOUTHPORT LIBRARY

WINNER 2003 Gold Coast Urban Design Awards, People's Choice Award – SOUTHPORT LIBRARY

Photography: James Cubitt Architects