Australian Consulate General
Bali, Indonesia

The design undertaken by JCA for the Australian Consulate General, Bali was governed by a number of site related responses owing to the shape, proportion and adjacent buildings impacting on how the building was to operate. The long narrow site is surrounded by 2 storey private offices and government buildings, with a distinct architectural aesthetic, common of both Denpassar and Bali in general. Like much of the architecture in the region, the Consulate General design was strongly influenced by climate and environmental conditions reflective of its tropical setting. The building mimics the pitched roofs of Bali, using large roof overhangs to not only shelter the building from both sun and rain but in turn create covered verandahs that through the roof angle and extent of overhang offer visual privacy from the surrounding buildings.

The building utilises a number of local materials, particularly stone which offers warmth, texture and a softness to the  materials palette. Landscaping  is integrated from the outset  providing a  relief to the hardscape areas and reinforcing pedestrian access and movement around the building. Of particular note is the memorial to the victims of the Bali bombing contained within the grounds of the Consulate General that offers a reflective sanctuary  to staff and visitors alike.