Library Upgrade Project, QUT
Brisbane, Qld

QUT’s two Brisbane Campuses are located within 5km of each other, with the Gardens Point Campus located in the Brisbane CBD itself and the Kelvin Grove Campus on the boundary of the City the sites have grown considerably over the years as the increase in student numbers has resulted in major infrastructure upgrades. The Library redevelopment project occurred on both Campuses, with the Kelvin Grove refurbishment requiring a major upgrade of facilities and services.

Each building presented unique challenges particularly in relation to opening up the available space to enhance the use of natural light and promote a more open and inviting environment.

JCA in partnership with PTA were briefed to create a more technologically advanced, flexible and energetic facility that embraced the change in library usage to create a bustling, active spaces reflective of how contemporary students use space. Key to the success of the project was the consultation process, requiring a strong level of trust and understanding between client and architect, allowing each other to challenge preconceived notions of pedagogy and the role of a library in a contemporary urban University.

Emphasis was placed on a layering of active to less active space, noisy to quieter spaces. This was achieved through a vertical separation in addition to the use of colour identification providing a clarity of zones. Encouraging greater transparency and connectivity between staff and students broke down barriers and has significantly increased student usage.

The project also demonstrated the importance of social media with student feedback and comments being accessed through Twitter and Facebook. 

2012 Queensland Architecture Awards – WINNER, State Award for Interior Architecture – QUT, R Block Library Upgrade

On 15/06/2012, James Cubitt Architects in association with Peddle Thorp Architects took out the most prestigious award of the Qld Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects, for the design of the QUT R Block Library Upgrade. Go to The Library Upgrade for more information on this exciting project.