UNE Executive Office Refurbishment

Location: Armidale, Australia
Client: University of New England
Status: Completed 2010


JCA were appointed by the University of New England to undertake the design and documentation of a refurbishment necessary to accommodate the relocated office of  the University’s Executive Office. The simple planning program and resulting design took aesthetic cues from the honest brick and timber  Sydney School 1970’s  building into which the facility was located. Through detailed timber joinery a warm and encompassing space was created  enriching the occupied zone within a space characterised by an extremely  high ceiling and exposed structure of the original space. Working closely with the Pro Vice Chancellor, JCA developed an architectural aesthetic to suit the functional requirements  of the project whilst also achieving a highly articulated and welcoming environment. Bespoke timber screens have been used in the design  as both a functional component but as dynamic design element allowing the PVC’s office to be animated by the control of light, visibility and privacy. This has been  important element due to the orientation of the existing base  building thus manipulating the effect  of natural light. The  use of a sophisticated   palette of materials and colour  reinforces  the importance of the office within the University’s administrative  structure.




Photography: Roger D'Souza