UNE Dixson Library Leaning Commons

Location: Armidale, Australia
Client: University of New England
Status: Completed 2015


JCA were appointed to reinvigorate and refurbish the Main Entry, Staff Areas, E-Learning Commons, Reserve Collection and Ground Floor of the existing Dixson Library building. Constructed in 3 stages through the 1960s-70s, the Dixson Library building had poor natural light, low ceilings and space planning ill suited to contemporary learning practices. The public face of the Library has been upgraded through the complete refurbishment of the former reference stack area into an open Learning Commons equipped with new single service counter, reserved stack area, cafe and media booths.Through the use of colour and materials distinct zones have been created offering students a variety of spaces to undertake both individual and group learning work. The refurbishment has seen significant uptake in student usage of the library and has fostered a more transparent and open relationship between staff and students, breaking down previous barriers and understanding of how a library operates.


Photography: David Elkins