UNE Black Rose Building Refurbishment

Location: Armidale, Australia
Client: University of New England
Status: Completed 2013


JCA were engaged through UNE to undertake the design and documentation of the Universities Marketing and Public Affairs Department. The project identified two key objectives, firstly to seek more efficient use of the existing space which was no longer suitable or comfortable to work in and secondly to not only enhance the space but provide staff with a bold, vibrant, contemporary and fun work environment. With limited funds available colour was considered the most flexible and cost effective approach. UNE had recently undertaken a bold marketing campaign reinvigorating the universities logo and attempting to put more ‘fun’ back into how the campus and organisation was perceived. This project has further enhanced that playful ideology. Lime green, now the primary university colour become the basis from which the use of colour evolved, taking cues from the proposed carpet other colours were introduced through furniture, finishes and wall treatments, presenting what is a very bold and flamboyant outcome.The flexible nature of the department and the way in which they operate is reflected in the looseness in the FF&E, with wheels giving greater freedom to how staff work, interact and collaborate. This approach whilst not new was a radical departure from previous work environments on Campus and demonstrated the value in engaging with staff when developing their work environment.The fitout has been richly received by staff and reinforces the value of client, consultant relationships in implementing a clearly defined brief. 


Photography: David Elkins